Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hi-Rez, mid quarter

I can't believe it's already the fifth week... There still so much to do before the end of the quarter! Time to start panicking (as every quarter I uess).

So, yesterday was my fifth time at Hi-Rez. Leandro went by himself again and Vivi announced in the morning that she had just learned that she couldn't come with me that day, so I found myself going to Hi Rez alone. Upon arrival, Jerry informed me that the game's aesthetic had completely changed and that pretty much every drawing done for it was now obsolete. They're keeping the mechanics though. I was to finish with the concept I had started for that day, and then move on to the different style.

Not much to say about the day aside from that. I finished the drawing in pretty much the same way as the last project, I redrew the line more precisely and added detail, I added value and color study, and it took me almost the whole day. I then started to make some drawings for the next project. I must say I'm personally happy with the change of aesthetic as it fits what I do and enjoy much more than the previous one. I know it's all very vague, but I don't think I can say more.

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