Monday, February 28, 2011

Hi-Rez, day 7

Apparently I don't have a post for week 7, so I'm doing it a bit late. I just hope I'll remember everything...

So on the seventh week I went to Hi-Rez alone with Leandro, as Vivi had something to do. I drove there for the first time and managed not to get lost (apparently both Leandro and me have terrible orientation sense). Upon arrival, as usual, I went to Jerry to talk about my assignment for the day, then went to my usual computer to work on it.

I was starting a new concept, which I had researched some the week before, so I went directly to work. I probably already said some of this but when doing these concepts, the first thing I do is look for a pose that might suit the character. Then I sketch as many variations as I can think of using reference and my imagination. I use three different values to show which materials will be different, only three because it is best to keep the materials limited. It also adds interest to the concept.

So that is pretty much what I did all day... It's pretty fast to write but rather time-consuming to do. The hardest part comes after having done a few concepts, when trying to think of something new. The interesting part is, the best concepts are rarely the first ones. In the later concepts you can start to reuse the parts from the earlier concepts and re-use them in new ways.

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