Friday, February 25, 2011

Hi-Rez, day 8

Yesterday Vivi and me went to Hi-Rez for the seventh time. Jerry had sent me an e-mail the night before telling me that he wouldn't be there for that day and that I should talk to Ben, another concept artist, if I had any questions. He also sent me a lot of feedback on the project and told me what I was to do the next day. I was to draw a more finalized illustration of the character I had been working on the previous week.

When we arrived I went to Ben to say hi and present myself and then started working. I spent some time working on the pose of the character, I know it's a big weakness of mine. My poses often look very stiff so I looked for reference that I could use. The character I'm drawing needs to convey a lot of personality through his attitude. Once I decided on a pose and worked on it for some time, I went to Ben to ask for feedback.

After the corrections I started drawing the clothes that had been chosen during the conceptual stage. A few hours later, once the clothes were sketched on the character I went to Ben again for feedback before starting to draw the final line drawing.
I finished the line drawing just when it was time to leave.

When Vivi went to her supervisor before leaving, I talked to Ramon and showed him what I was working on. He showed Vivi and me a very useful way of using paths in photoshop to create smooth linework with simulated pen pressure. It's a bit time consuming for most lines, but when a long smooth line is needed it can be very useful.

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