Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hi-Rez, day 6

Yesterday, Vivi, Leandro and I were finally able to go all together to Hi-Rez again. As soon as I arrived I went to Jerry in order to see what I'd be working on that day. He suggested I render the concept I had done last time and showed me some techniques with photoshop that would help me produce a higher quality drawing, some of which I already knew.

He showed me some customization options of photoshop brushes, as well as how to use a texture by making it into a pattern and applying a layer mask to it so that it only covers relevant areas. He also talked to me about adjustment layers, and shared with me his texture library, which I greatly appreciate. Once he was done explaining all this, I went back to my workstation and spent most of the day detailing my concept.

I was almost done with it when Jerry came by, as it was time for him to leave. We talked about my next assignment, and I got to decide which character to work on next. I'm pretty excited about the next project. As I was doing some research, I could hear one of Hi-Rez's concept artists, Ramon, share his expertize with Vivi. After a moment I decided to go and see what he was explaining. He shared a lot of tips on customizing photoshop and wacom's properties in order to make the workflow faster. We all talked with him for a while, and once we were done it was time to go. He's a very nice person and I enjoyed the conversation a lot. On the way out we stopped by the workstation of Vivi's supervisor, where he was showing some of the special effects they had for the games.