Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hi Rez, day 4

So, with the Snowpocalypse that happened two weeks ago, I find myself with five make-up classes on fridays. So we decided to change our meeting days to Tuesdays. I got there with Vivi, as Leandro went on his own (he wanted to arrive and leave sooner than us).

When I got there I had a small meeting with Jerry. I finished the concept for my last character and was set to work on a new one. Jerry wants me to work on four very different projects, so this character does not look like the previous on at all. I was taught a nice way to create slight variations on the same base for outfits. It seems very simple, simply use layers, but also layer the clothes so that there is one in a simple suit, another in a slithly heavier outfit, and so on, including layers with only variations. I've always used layers for different versions, but never to really layer the clothes. It's an amazing way to create intricate armor without having to think of everything at once.

As usual, I was only drawing for the whole time I was there. It's just interesting to see how almost everyone leves around 6 PM. Near the end Vivi and me were almost alone in the studio.

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  1. Bah, 6h du soir c'est une heure assez standard pour quitter le boulot, en fait.
    A quelle heure tu arrives au matin?