Thursday, January 13, 2011

first visit

During the winter holidays, I was pleasantly surprised to be selected for an internship at a game studio, Hi-Rez. Our first visit at Hi-Rez was on January 7. We had a hard time finding the right building because of the GPS's vague directions, but we got there almost on time.

We met the people that were going to guide us during the internship. After the presentation I was separated from the other two interns, as my task is different from theirs and I will be working with someone else on the character side for Global Agenda. I was explained what I was to do during the internship, which is to create new character concepts for the game. I might also be doing some 3D modeling with 3DSmax, but nothing major, only props. I'm really glad with the assignment, I was afraid I would spend the week doing nothing but modeling.

I was shown many concept works that have been done in the past, and spent some time drawing to get the feel of the game's artstyle.
However, we didn't stay for long as Vivi and Leandro had nothing to do. The computers had nothing set up for them yet, so we left early together as we car pulled.
I'm pleasantly surprised with my assignment and the people at the company seem really nice. I look forward to going back.

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