Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hi-Rez, day 9

So... I know I'm pretty late with these posts, and I will have to make the last ones all together. I'll still make a different post for each day.

Hard to remember everything that happened two weeks ago. I went to Hi-Rez with Vivi only, as Leandro is not available on Thursdays. As I arrived, I went to Jerry to get his opinion of my drawing in its current stage. He wasn't there the precedent week, so I hadn't had any feedback from him last time. He was very satisfied with the drawing at its current stage, with some minor details to fix.

I went back to my workspace to fix those and worked on color studies for the character. I always like to make many of those. Even when I think a color combination won't work for the character I put it down, because you never know what might come out of it until you see it, and it takes away frustration from thinking about it. In this stage is when knowledge about color theory is very useful, as knowing what colors go well together is very helpful when putting them down on a character. I make combinations until I can't think of new ones that could fit. The best one is either one of my first ones, either one of my last ones, so it's always good to put down as many as I can.

Once I was done, I went to Jerry to discuss which one was the most appropriate. We didn't like the same one and we both had valid opinions, so we decided to go towards one while using other things that worked on the other one. Once the colors were decided I went ahead and started painting everything. It's time-consuming and I got pretty far with it. We stayed longer than usual as we were both into our work, but I still wasn't able to finish that day.

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