Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hi-Rez, day 11

We were only supposed to go to Hi-Rez ten times, but I didn't want to rush the last concept so I decided to go an additional time. Vivi and Leandro thought it was a good idea too, so we all went togeter yesterday.

As we arrived at Hi-Rez, Leandro and me realized we had a problem. We hadn't been going there together for some time and as the computers we used had been switched and taken for other purposes, we had ended up working on the same station without knowing it. The other free computers didn't have photoshop nor the 3D software he uses. Luckily, Saman, the person that works next to Jerry, wasn't there that day, so that is the workstation that I used.

Saman has an amazing workstation (like about everyone at Hi-Rez) with a big Cintiq, dual screens, and a huge desk so I can say I was very glad to have the opportunity to use it. Saman takes his pen home with him, but luckily I always have mine with me too, as I need it to use the Cintiqs at SCAD.

As soon as I was installed, I went to Jerry to discuss the concepts I had until then. He told me the elements from different concepts that he liked that I could put together in the new one. As I started the new illustration, as usual, I worked a lot on the pose. This one was a bit tricky, as this character has an unusual shape. Jerry gave me some feedback to fix it and make it look better. When I finished the line, I started doing color studies, which I won't say much about as it was the same process as the last illustration. It was my last day, and Jerry was already gone once I was done with them, so I went to find Ramon and see if he could give me some feedback on the color choices. I was mainly hesitating between one that looked really good, but was a bit classic, and one that looked very original, but I wasn't sure if it really worked. Ramon really enjoyed the original one.

Ramon also showed me more about his process. He was working on weapon concepts, something I'm not used to doing at all. He tends to start with 3D renders often done by someone else, and modify them by drawing on top of them. The way he draws is incredible, when I look at his drawings I often have a hard time saying if it's a drawing or a 3D model. He uses a lot of photos from weapons to get the right texture on the weapons, and has diagrams showing how the weapon would work. He also showed me some of the character designs he's done for tribes. He starts with a bulky 3D render too for the characters, to hasten the process. The armors he draws are full of intricate designs everywhere, he says it's very helpful for the 3D modelers and speeds up their modeling time when everything is clear.

With the feedback he gave me on my illustration, I started working on the final painting, and just did that for the rest of the day.

And that was my last day at Hi-Rez for this class/internship. I'm sorry if the posts got repetitive, but truthfully, without saying exactly what I'm doing it's hard to give a great deal of details and variation, as in the big lines I was always doing the same thing.

So overall it was a very enjoyable experience. It did a very good job in conforting me that that is really the path I want to follow, I really enjoy doing concept art, and the environment in game companies in general (at least in this one).
More on it when I graduate I guess =)

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