Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hi-Rez, day 10

Again, day 10 was just Vivi and me. Jerry was very satisfied with the piece so far, and as I had very little left to do on it, we chose what character I was going to work on next at once.

I then went to my workstation and finished the previous drawing. It mainly needed some last touches of color and textures. Adding photo textures to a concept is a great way to give clear indication of the type of material, so that the modelers that come after have an easy time figuring out how to model them. It's also fast, so that you don't lose too much time on that concept (and time is money...)

When I was done I started researching a bit about the character I was going to concept. It's an existing character, not an original one, which is why I needed to do some research. It has already been done multiple times so part of the challenge was giving it an original twist that would belong to the particular game, instead of the classic, anonymous look that is seen everywhere. So as I was concepting I wasn't only thinking about what looks good, but also about what I haven't seen.

I also look at a lot of reference, I can't really get ideas from nothing, so I pull a lot of ideas from many different pictures and places and put it together into something new that looks original.

And that was pretty much my day, looking at pictures, thinking of ideas, and most of all drawing concepts.

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