Thursday, October 31, 2013

50 years later...


I kind of stopped working on my art camp stuff in the middle of it. Bad of me =(
I got a new job in the meantime. I left Eyes Wide Games, to whom I am very thankful for my first job in the Gaming industry, and started working at Floyd County Productions, the studio that makes the animated show Archer. I don't work on Archer though, I'm a Background Artist for the new show Chozen. You can learn a lot about the show with a quick google search, but here is a screenshot:

Floyd is a great place to work at, the amount of amazing artists working there is stunning. I'm really happy =) Also, our backgrounds look awesome, I'm really proud of the work I'm producing there, and I can't wait for the show to be released around January.

In the meantime I haven't been producing much personal work in the past few months... But here are some pictures of random ATC cards anyway:

Also, I have registered for the Illustration Masterclass next summer! And I'm very excited about that. If you don't know anything about it,  it's an intensive class where student get too meet and study with many great modern fantasy artists and produce, with a focus on producing one amazing portfolio piece in one week. For more information, follow this LINK

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