Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Tablet

When my previous apartment got flooded, one of my losses was my tablet. It was a wacom intuos3, which had never failed me in the 5 years since I got it. But I guess the final massive water obstacle was to much for it to withstand...
Now I got lucky and won a competition in my college. I was supposed to get another tablet, the same one I had lost but an intuos4. Happy me! Except... wacom apparently never delivered. So a few months after the loss I finally got it myself =)

I must say, it's a very pretty little thing. The new texture of the tablet will have to wait until I get used to it before I really enjoy it. From what I read they were trying to imitate the feel of graininess from real paper... I'm used to a nice smooth surface.

In my opinion the real improvement is on the extra buttons. It lights up to say what's where, and when you change it the name gets replaced by whatever you want to name it.

I'm off to try my new toy.

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