Tuesday, August 7, 2012

studies and the art of freelancing

More studies, one of Hawkeye from the Avengers, the other of random models from google:

I'm trying to understand better how clothes work. I love drawing naked people, and I love the human form, which leaves me in need of more practice when it comes to clothes. also put a fair amount of time into Hawkeye's face.

I've been thinking about writing about some more art resources on this blog, such as art books, tutorials, audio, things that might benefit fellow artists passing around. Lately I have purchased an audio lecture called The Art of Freelancing by Noah Bradley. His purpose is to inform young artists starting out in the freelancing world strategies to successfully start a career. Most stuff that can be found out there concentrates on how to make your art better, so Noah Bradley is trying to talk about a different part of being a freelancer, he focuses on marketing, presentation, how to put yourself out there, networking, etc. It's 6 hours long and I'm only two hours into it, I believe that it was definitely worth getting, and it's allowing me to take a lot of notes for steps that I should take in the near future. Anyway, better reviews than mine have already been written, and you can learn a lot more by visiting the website. I'll most likely talk more about it once I'm done listening to it. The first 30 minutes of it are available for free.

And here's another video by the same person, you just have to share the link on facebook/twitter to get access to it. It's just Noah Bradley painting, offering advice and replying to questions as he's sketching on livestream: link

Anyway, here's another sketch, done from imagination this time. Originally it was supposed to be Katniss, from the Hunger Games (the book, not the movie), but I'm not sure it still looks like I wanted it to:

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