Wednesday, November 9, 2011

IlluxCon 2011

So this year I went to the IlluxCon convention for the first time. For those that don't know, it is a convention on fantasy and sci-fi illustrators. It is targeted towards artists, art directors, collectors and people that love the genre. The number of tickets for the convention is limited so that the experience remains intimate, which gives the opportunity for about everyone to discuss with the big names of the industry.

 It was an amazing experience. There were a lot of original oil paintings. I tought I liked the images I could see of them on internet or on posters. Let me say they reproduce poorly. Seeing those originals was mind blowing. I got to see paintings from Donato Giancola, Dan Dos Santos, Petar Meseldzija, Boris Vallejo; and I got to talk with the artists. I also discovered new artists I didn't know about like Sam Burley (which had a painting I absolutely fell in love with) and Didier Graffet (which was french, and I had a great time speaking my mother tongue with. He seemed happy about it too).

 The show is divided in various parts, first the main showcase which is up all throughout the show. Only top-level artists there. Then there are lectures on various subjects relevant for artists, and workshops with artists going on at the same time on friday and saturday (I had a 3h30 workshop on concept art for films with Bob Eggleton. It was amazing, The groups are limited to 10 people). On friday night there is a smaller show open to different kinds of artists, and the Illie award ceremony is on saturday night. On Sunday there is a sketching day with models. Througout the convention portfolio reviews with art directors are going on for which we have to sign in in advance. I got one with Zoe Robinson, art director of Fantasy Flight Games (she was amazingly kind).

 Without further prolonging this, here are the photos of the show (I only took photos of the main showcase):
The Showcase in general

Bob Eggleton, with whom I had a wonderful time at his workshop

Dan Dos Santos, who's red picture practically shined in real life. Dan Dos Santos can make pictures look better by using Lens Flare filters (which he demonstrated in the critcast lecture).

Didier Graffet. He had more giant sized paintings before, but I guess they were sold.

Donato Giancola, who won the illie award.

Jesper Ejsing. You'll probably recognize some magic cards among his paintings.

Petar Meseldzija. I think he's my favorite painter. It's hard to say though, there are so many amazing ones.

Sam Burley, who gave me a portfolio review. My beloved painting is the one you can see in full.

Ralph Horsely who does amazingly detailed acrylic paintings.

and Thomas Kuebler, who does realistic fantasy sculptures. Just look at the detail in that arm! Of course there were many more artists, but I think it's enough of a picture overload. I hope you enjoyed them :)


  1. ça avait l'air cool =)

    Au passage, tu as mis la même image pour Ralph Horsley et Sam Burley.

  2. The red painting is for my book BLOOD DIVIDED. I nearly fainted when he first showed it to me. I am so lucky! Check out the final cover at

  3. Red painting by Dan Dos Santos, I should say. :)

  4. Wow nice.. Thank you for sharing piccies from IluxCon =) It is very inspiring =)

  5. It took me so long to see this last comment... You're very welcome.
    And Kevin (if you ever come around again...), I can imagine the reaction. I'm looking into buying your book, but I have such a long list to read. Hopefully I'll get to it (the awesome covers certainly are influencing my decision)