Friday, September 23, 2011


I have been silent for a while...again.

My apartment got floodedwhile I was away for a hollyday at my uncle's. It was pretty bad. So bad that the roof collapsed, and that most of my furniture was ruined. Some workers came in the house to evacuate the water in our absence, and while they found one of my cats and blocked it in the bathroom with furniture, they never saw the other one. They left the door open as they were working, and my cat being terribly scared of vacuums, he ran away. Luckily, after two days of crying and calling him he came back and seems happy to have constant food and clean litter. He lost some weight too.

We got moved to a new apartment since the other one is too damaged, and we get to move all our stuff to the thrid floor. At least, no water will fall from the roof in there. In the meantime, I don't have internet for a few days more, and have been too busy to draw much.

I've been drawing from my ipad in my psychology class. I'll post the rest when I figure out how to turn the pictures around on this.


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  1. J'étais au courant pour la plupart, mais j'espère que ça ira en s'améliorant. Et j'aime bien ton dessin ^^